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REVIEW: GIRARD-PERREGAUX Richeville Chronograph – An introduction

đồng hồ girardperragaux

In terms of watch complications, I think chronographs sit somewhere between the simple day-date and the more complex annual calendar. Chronograph is definitely a complex movement because instead of just 1 dial with hour, minute, and second hand, there are sub-dials that play the function as a timer. Because of how complicated they are, chronographs […]

REVIEW: CARTIER Tank Basculante Mecanique – Quality over Quantity

I think one of the skills that I have been constantly working to improve is the ability to communicate complex and tricky concept in the most concise way possible without compromising the message’s complexity. In my line of work (Yes, I do have a day job), this skill is extremely important as executives only look […]

REVIEW: BAUME et MERCIER – One of the most underrated brands

đồng hồ baume&mercier

One of the reasons why I love Swiss watches is that they always drive towards perfection in their respective categories. Rolex, Tudor, Omega, and many more all played their parts as military or tool watches, and all were arguably close to perfect for their time. Baume & Mercier (B&M) is another brand that I don’t […]