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MOVEMENT SPECS: Lemania 1883


A while ago, we posted some detailed photos of the LEMANIA calibre 1872 which was used by the giant manufacture GIRARD PERREGAUX. Today, we would like to introduce its even more complicated relative: the calibre 1883. Look at the below images, clearly this is also a manual-winding movement, packing the chronograph function. Produced from around […]

MOVEMENT SPECS: Lemania 1872


LEMANIA, founded in 1884, used to be a Swiss watch company and high-end movement manufacturer. During its heydays, especially LEMANIA chronograph calibres were treated like ‘first options come to mind’ of many top-tier Swiss manufactures such as PATEK PHILIPPE, VACHERON CONSTANTIN, OMEGA and BREGUET to name a few. What was captured here is one of […]

REVIEW: GIRARD-PERREGAUX Richeville Chronograph – An introduction

đồng hồ girardperragaux

In terms of watch complications, I think chronographs sit somewhere between the simple day-date and the more complex annual calendar. Chronograph is definitely a complex movement because instead of just 1 dial with hour, minute, and second hand, there are sub-dials that play the function as a timer. Because of how complicated they are, chronographs […]

Patina watches – The language of my collection

So you might have heard the term ‘patina’, but what is it exactly? These days, one of the things that might shock your eyes (or sometimes might seem ridiculous) is seeing a young man jumping in joy holding a watch, whose dial is likely unregconised and unidentified. It’s not because that is an unbranded watch, […]

PERSPECTIVE: Starting a watch collection

I don’t think I would call myself a watch collector since the word “collector” itself carries quite a heavy stature. However, I can confidently say that I am a watch enthusiast. This enthusiasm started around 4 years ago as just a hobby, then it got much more serious as time go by. Like many watch […]

PERSPECTIVE: Vintage or brand-new?

I actually never thought of a watch as vintage or brand new. My watch collecting philosophy is very simple: any watch is fine as long as it makes me happy wearing it. That means, to me, it does not matter whether a watch is brand new or vintage with lots of scratches. That being said, […]

CLOSER LOOK: The ROLEX Oyster case

Rolex oyster

The word “Oyster” can be found on every Rolex model except for the Celini. The other word that you typically see is “Perpetual”. Oyster here refers to the water proof case, and Perpetual here refers to the automatic movement. What’s interesting to me is that Rolex movement varies by models, while the case is the […]

REVIEW: CARTIER Tank Basculante Mecanique – Quality over Quantity

I think one of the skills that I have been constantly working to improve is the ability to communicate complex and tricky concept in the most concise way possible without compromising the message’s complexity. In my line of work (Yes, I do have a day job), this skill is extremely important as executives only look […]

GIỚI THIỆU: DELMA Cayman Worldtimer Automatic – Chiếc đồng hồ phong cách retro cho cả dân lặn và các tay hay di chuyển

Lưu ý đây là bài dịch, bài viết thuộc về tác giả Brice Goulard và chúng tôi trích dẫn nguồn đầy đủ bài nguyên mẫu ngay tại đây. Các thông số cơ bản của đồng hồ Vòng bezel Vòng xoay 2 chiều được phủ aluminium, và in trên đó tên 24 thành phố Thân vỏ […]